• Our birds will not be sold or leased for self-release.

  • All our releases are done by trained professionals who show up to the event on time and dressed in proper attire.

  • We release snow-white homing pigeons, (white rock doves), in all our releases because they are specially trained to either fly home or fly back into their basket.

  • We will decide which trained birds will be released at each event depending on the location of the event, weather conditions and time of day.

  • We reserve the right to cancel a release if we feel that the birds' safety and/or health are at risk. A full refund would be given, including deposit.


Our primary concern when doing a dove release is the safety and well-being of our birds. We will never release them in harmful conditions.

When the doves are released, they usually circle several times overhead, allowing the crowd to fully admire their beauty before heading home or back into their release basket.